No Personal Loan From BSN For Gas and Oil Staff

Published on February 14 2016

There is a major change in personal loan for staff from oil and gas industries.

There is a major change in personal loan for staff from oil and gas industries.

Personal loan request from gas and oil staff are going to be declined in advance by Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) in accordance with the inner notice from the financial institution. This BSN notice was released as well as the screenshot in the notice was discussed on instant messaging networks.

The e-mail claims that, “Every credit cards, personal loans , hire purchase loans for applications from staff belonging to the gas and oil industry to be turned down in advance.” The e-mail also advised sales executives to give up marketing, advertising and taking applications from gas and oil staff.

Nevertheless, the notice doesn't affect non-contract staff of Petronas, however their applications might be susceptible to acceptance from head office. All home loan applications that have recently been handled, would also need approval from the head office. When required to confirm the notice, the head of BSN tactical communications Puspa Marina Omar was quoted by Newspaper as declaring, “Indeed, it happens to be an inside memo.”

“The choice we made inside when it comes to our procedure is with regards to the bank’s business, and is also non permanent,” she added in. Being a preventive evaluate, Puspa Marina stated BSN has tighten up the policies on loan approvals of new personal loans or any other credit products.

“It is section of our normal procedure to regularly review advancements in the economic and financial industry which may have an affect on our organization,” she stated. “This consists of paying attention to market sectors facing difficulties, just like the scenario gone through by the gas and oil business at the moment.

“The suggested tightening up of credit and loan approvals can be a short-term determine depending on the common anticipations for wise financial risk management,” stated Puspa Marina. The memo wasn't created for general public release, and it was not allowed to be distributed externally, only for corporation units and high-level management only, Pupa Marina stated.

BSN continued to be dedicated to protecting the well-being of their clients and stakeholders, stated Puspa Marina. “We will hence, evaluate all credit and loan issuance scheme on a regular foundation for all sectors depending on market growth. This continues to be a normal procedure for BSN.

“All loans will continue put through the needed affordability evaluation included in our accountable financing scheme as we continue to keep assistance retail financing to all other industries,” she stated. Need personal loan? PeribadiPinjaman can help you obtain the one which fits your financial profile, compare all personal loan in Malaysia now!

Written by Donald Murdock

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